Dr. Michael Vallance Ed.D, MSc., BSc(Hons), PGCE

Research funding from Science Connect, UK Prime Minister’s Initiative 2 (PMI2), JAIST Japan kakenhi, DAIWA and Future University Hakodate.

Keywords: Information science (情報アーキテクチャ学科), OpenSim; Unity; LabView; LEGO; Mindstorms; Japan; Wales; collaboration; communication; futures; simulation


Research demonstration movie


AIM: To determine the efficacy of the TKF model when used to develop the declarative (knowing what), procedural (knowing how) and meta-cognitive (knowing why) knowledge of Systems Information Science students programming robots to complete set tasks.


Students communicate globally from Japan to UK to USA in a dedicated, designed 3D virtual world.

iVERG lab at FUN: Students in UK are remotely manouvering our LEGO EV3 robot in our Japan lab via the 3D virtual space. The Japanese students below are monitoring their progress.


Students collaborate to create physical solutions for robot related tasks, communicate and share their solution processes, and finally reflect upon their actions and perceived learning.